Permanent make up is an art of carefully implementing pigment in the first layer of skin in order to emphasize face features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips. This treatment can help people who want to save the time spent on a daily make-up process but also can help people who cannot do make-up themselves due to different problems with their vision ability. It is a great alternative for people with various imperfections such as cleft pallet, scars, or for people who suffer from alopecia or have gone thru oncological treatments and are dealing with lost eyebrows or lash line I became affascinated by the new treatment possibilities for those who are trying to regain self esteem or want to emphasize natural beauty..

My dear ladies, permanent make up is not a substitute for decorative cosmetic! This is make up for everyday “neat look”. It should be invisible to others, light, transparent, enabling you to correct small imperfections and emphasize your natural beauty.

Permanent make up should make you feel confident at the beach, or at the pool, to make you feel good in your skin, being a busy woman with little time for yourself.

In case you decide to have permanent make up, you need to know that over done make up is not suitable for everyday life. That is something that you get with doing make up for going out , or special occasions.

Permanent make up is not following current trends, trends are not lasting, but woman’s beauty is lasting and forever. Every woman is an individual and unique, every face is a special and unique canvas to make an art on.

PMU Services

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lips

Several rules after the treatment:

  • Do not wet the treated area.
  • No exposing to the sun or going to the solarium for 1 month after the treatment.
  • No saunas or bath as long as skin is not healed.
  • No use of creams, pilings, or masks for 2 weeks after the treatment.
  • No scratching on the wounds.

Is not possible to have a permanent make up when you have:

  • Insulin dependent diabetes.
  • Active herpes on lips.
  • Common cold or flu.
  • Bad blood coagulation.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Tendency to get keloids scars.
  • Allergic reaction to anesthetics (Lidocaine, Tetraline, Prilocaine, Adrenaline).
  • Antibiotics or antidepressants therapy.

* Consultations before treatments are free of charge.
* Deposit for PMU is required before treatment.

Permanent make up for eyebrows gives you illusion of a soft shade by creating a gradation of light to dark in the brow, it boost your confidence, redefine facial features, and free you of the daily chore of basic make up.

It gives you a glamorous finish to the brows while enhancing the natural shape of the face individual design.

We learned so far that in PMU we don’t follow fashion, soft pencil eyeliner is what we want. It will enhance and define the eye area, create volume of the lashes.

Looks beautiful in every age, fresh , clean look.

Permanent make up for lips allows soft shades that complement your natural lip colour to be placed in the lips as a line, or a blush, defining your natural lip contour and make you look younger by replacing colour lost through the age process.

Perfect treatment for those who wants more defined lip shade, who have little asymmetry, who wants juicy , smoother, kissable lips, perfect in any situation.

Individual design, advanced shape, huge selection of colors.

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Price Plans

We maintain the highest standard in health and beauty aesthetic treatments that cater to your every need.

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Eyebrows from €450

Included touch up after 1-1.5 month

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Eyeliner from €350

Included touch up after 1-1.5 month

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Lips from €450

Included touch up after 1-1.5 month

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Removing from €80

Per treatment