Permanent Makeup Trends to Expect in 2021
Permanent Makeup Trends to Expect in 2021
June 28, 2021

Those who have tried permanent makeup usually say that their only regret is not trying it earlier. So, don’t worry, the predictions are that PMU will still be high in demand in many, many years to come.

However, it is improving all the time, and new and more sophisticated procedures are replacing the ‘old’ ones. So, the question is: which PMU treatments are going to be popular in 2021?

Is microblading still number 1?

So far, microblading has been the king of permanent eyebrow makeup, but it seems like a number of artists are turning their backs on it lately.

Why is this happening? The first reason is that microblading is not suitable for every skin type. It is possible to perform the procedure, but for oily skin for example, powder brows are proven to give better results. They last longer and look more natural.

So, in order to attract more clients, artists started including other PMU treatments in their offer. They even started advising customers who come for microblading against it, especially those with oily skin and large pores.

The other reason is that it is the hardest technique to learn. Being a manual skill, it takes a lot of practice to perfect the hair strokes. A lot of new artists choose powder brows because they say that it is easier to learn and perfect the technique.

Also, the recent trend puts nanoblading in the spotlight. Let’s see why.

Is nanoblading taking over the throne?

Nanoblading is a more sophisticated version of microblading. It is machine work and a lot of artists claim that it is easier to become proficient in. The result is very similar to microblading, but some artists say that is more sophisticated since the hair strokes are thinner.

However, it doesn’t mean that microblading is going to retire. It is still the best and the most popular procedure and professional microblading artists are booked months in advance.

So, if you are already a big name in the PMU industry, and you offer only microblading, there is no need to worry. But, if your microblading business becomes slow eventually, consider including other PMU techniques in your offer.

Brow lamination for the lucky ones

Brow lamination, the procedure which brushes up and lifts your brows, is a great option and an alternative to microblading. However, it is for people who already have a lot of brow hair that just needs a small enhancement.

Those with sparse or no brows will still need to have them microbladed or nanobladed to achieve the big bold brows look!

Other PMU trends

Eyebrows are still number one, but other procedures are getting more and more popular, as well.

Permanent eyeliner is one of them, and now it is not as intense as it used to be. More and more women like the improved trendy version – airy eyeliner with a gentle shade in one or two colors.

Lashes are still long but natural. Fake look has been outdated, so the point of permanent makeup is to emphasize and enhance what you already have, not to make it unnaturally big. That is why the lash lift trend is prevailing over lash extensions. Lash lift or lash perm is the procedure that is going to be very trendy in the period to come.

Another cute treatment that can be noticed on Instagram photos is false freckles or freckle tattoo. It gives you a younger look and a sun-kissed skin.

What about lips?

When it comes to PMU procedures for lips, permanent lipstick, lip blush and aquarelle lips are still number one procedures and more and more women are booking appointments to have their lips colored. These are perfect for visually plumper lips, for those who like wearing lipstick and for covering up imperfections and pigment.

These procedures are perfect to replace surgical procedures and their advantage is the natural look. Permanent makeup should be comfortable, suitable for everyday use and as natural as possible.

PMU treatments men will love

One of the most popular procedures among men is scalp micropigmentation, or SMP. Being safe and non-invasive, this treatment is the perfect solution for balding men who want to cover up receding hairline or add density to their hair.

Being a much cheaper version of hair transplant, this procedure can boost your self-esteem and make you feel pleased with yourself again.

Besides that, men also love other PMU procedures! Microblading and nanoblading are the most popular ones among men who want perfectly groomed eyebrows.


Now that permanent makeup is not unsafe anymore (as it used to be in the past) and that is semi-permanent (nothing is forever), it makes people easier to decide to get a PMU treatment. Therefore, permanent makeup is growing in popularity and it doesn’t plan to stop.