Pregnancy Massage: Here’s What You Need to Know
Pregnancy Massage: Here’s What You Need to Know
June 28, 2021

On my first pregnancy, a few years ago, I booked myself in for a massage at a highly-esteemed (and pricey) spa. Considering the cost, I was expecting to float out of there, feeling as good as new. I didn’t. The experience fell well below expectations and I couldn’t believe I’d forked out as much money as I had.

Given the spa’s reputation, I had expected their pregnancy massage offering to be top-notch. On that particular occasion, small adjustments, like a cooler room and more comfortable bed, could have made all the difference. I should have spoken up…but should the therapist have been more attuned? Having had a couple more massages since then, I can say now that not all pregnancy massages are created equal.

Lamenting a sub-standard massage may sound like the ultimate ‘First World Problem’. It probably is. And forking out over €100 for a back rub may sound like peak notions. At the same time, for many of us, a pregnancy massage is a one-off or rare treat, a thoughtful gift from a loved one and much-needed time for yourself.

And because they’re not cheap, pregnancy massage can be considered an investment in your health and it needs to feel like for value for money. When booking your treatment, here are some points you might want to consider:


The best things in life ain’t free!  You can reasonably expect to pay €70 upwards for a pregnancy massage lasting an hour or more. If the price you’ve been quoted goes far above or below this, look carefully at what is being offered.

Experience & Qualification

Reputable salons and spas will be happy to answer questions you have around their therapists’ qualifications and to direct you to testimonials from past clients.

For further reassurance, you might want to consult who list their members and those specialising in prenatal massage.

Any type of massage should be preceded by a short consultation. This is an opportunity for your therapist to find out about any considerations for your massage and to alter the treatment accordingly. Be sure to fill your therapist in on all relevant medical information. Again, there is time here for you to ask questions.

Experienced salons and spas are equipped to offer bespoke massages for pregnancy and their set-up conveys this. Whilst state-of-the-art equipment isn’t a necessity, common sense is.

The room shouldn’t be overly warm, you should expect a therapist to give extra attention to your comfort, perhaps offering bolsters or cushions or even a pregnancy-specific massage bed or other supports.