The Russian Manicure, what is it and why?
The Russian Manicure, what is it and why?
June 28, 2021

Many women treat their manicure appointments like the ultimate beauty ritual to de-stress and unwind. Unlike traditional manicures, the Russian manicure is one of those beauty habits that many European women swear by. Though this quintessential technique is not well-known in the western hemisphere, the practice is still done by many nail professionals in places like Miami. It requires a skilled nail technician to do this type of manicure and pedicure which involves prowess and attention to detail. Though some nail professionals are against this practice, the Russian manicure focuses on removing the cuticle with an electronic filer and leave exceptional clean cuticles.

“Russian manicure is based on European approach of ensuring the health and longevity of the nails,” shared Inna Nedreaga a Russian nail professional in a conversation with HOLA! USA. This unique manicure consists of cleaning the cuticles with an electronic file to remove dead skin and using nippers to ensure the cuticle is removed. However, it is important that the nail professional removes excess skin without being abrasive. “This technique ensures that the cuticle doesn’t overgrow and the nail side pads are perfectly polished,” adds Inna. The manicure can last up to four weeks but it depends how fast the cuticle grows. “We’ve seen some customers with up to six weeks of manicure wear.”

But a luxury manicure always comes at a price. The Russian manicure and pedicure can cost over $100 and more if you add nail extensions. Though some might argue that the Russian manicure can cause more damage to the skin, many of Inna‘s clients are loyal to this treatment. Traditional manicures can also be threatening as some nail technicians cut deep into the cuticle causing damage to the nail. “Every year we have to go through recertification,” mentioned Inna.

The well-polished and paint-to-perfection pictures seen on social media are proof that this beauty treatment is a great solution for restoring the nail bed. However, we would be amiss if we don’t mention the consequences of doing this procedure without a well-educated nail professional. In some places, it is illegal to do the procedure but more salons are welcoming the luxury treatment to beauty cognoscenti looking for a different beauty treatment. After all, this will definitely give you the red carpet nails you so much desire and will even make Jennifer Lopez jealous.